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Ensuring Your Optimum Health

Get Your Emotional Support Animal Letter Today!

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Why an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

With every 1 in 4 Americans suffering from any mental or emotional disability, Emotional Support Animals are becoming increasingly important. Emotional Support Animals help to ease the mild to moderate symptoms of emotional and mental disabilities by giving love, companionship, and comfort. The benefits that animal therapy has stored in it are surfacing quite recently, and researchers are trying to understand them better.

The mission of Pettherapy is to aid individuals who do not have easy access to an in-person consultation. Technology is used to help such individuals have access to licensed mental health practitioners who can draft them the ESA letter.

We, here at Pettherapy, are not medical providers but are only a way of easy access for Americans to reach support they need. We also make sure that you are equipped with all the essential information necessary to keep your emotional support animal and you protected against costs of pet travel, security deposits, increased rents, and discrimination.

How To Get Your ESA Letter

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Happy Pet, Happy Owner​

An emotional support animal letter helps to strengthen the special bond that exists between a person and their therapy pet. There are many contributing factors to symptoms such as PSTD, sleepless nights, anxiety, and depression, etc. The bond between the emotional support animals and the people is integral to ease these conditions and their symptoms. At Pet Therapist, our main goal is to make people’s lives better by making it easier to travel and live with their therapy animals, which are critical in maintaining the well-being and comfort for them.


Pet Restrictions become a thing of the past…

The Process of Qualifying for Emotional Support Animal Made Easy

Pettherapy works to make the process of qualifying for an emotional support animal letter easy. Our team works to quickly connect you with a mental health professional that understands your emotional health needs.

We work to simplify the online process of qualifying and tackling any possible problems that you might encounter along the process. The medical professional reviews every questionnaire, and then the person is contacted by the LMHP.

Emotional support animals help to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and all other mental and emotional health issues. They help to comfort you and make you feel loved.