We are a team of highly-trained specialists who are working to allow you to be emotionally supported by your pets. Pettherapy was created by a group of people who understood the importance of mental health and how pets can be a source of comfort for such people.

After multiple types of research, it has been established that pets can play a big part in helping people to heal from their emotional traumas. So, we decided to create a platform that could make it easier for people suffering from various mental and emotional disabilities to get the legal documentation for allowing their support animals to travel and live with them.

And how do we achieve that? Well, we, here at Pettherapy, have licensed mental health professionals on our team to help you attain quick approval letters with complete confidentiality. The specialist asses you can decide whether you need an emotional support animal or not.

If you do qualify for an emotional support animal, you get a legal document that proves that your pet is an emotional support animal. That allows your pet to accompany you everywhere in times of need.

Our only goal is to help you achieve a comfortable life, and we know how important your pets can be in achieving that goal. With the declaration provided to you by us, you can keep your pet close to you at all times!