You need to see whether your pet provides you therapeutic benefits or not. Is your pet’s companionship benefiting in relieving your mental and emotional disability symptoms? Emotional support animals have no specialized training to provide emotional comfort and support. But, emotional support animals do have the necessary training on how to behave in public and around people.

Your pet can easily qualify as an ESA if it comforts your mental and emotional disabilities. A pet that facilitates a person’s emotional needs as considered as an emotional support animal.

How can I get my pet registered as an emotional support animal?

By law, you do not have to register your pet as an emotional support animal. However, you only have to provide a letter stating the reasons related to why you need an ESA from a licensed professional.

None of the items, such as identification cards, harnesses, vests, and uniforms, are a necessity for emotional support animals. But, it is seen that people prefer to wear them to indicate to others about their ESA’s.
There are no restrictions on keeping more than one emotional support animals. The requirements for other animals are the same as the first one. Make sure that each pet is trained and well-behaved with the licensed document. You should also be able to take care of all the emotional support animals.
No. Emotional support animal owners are not required to pay an extra fee to their landlords for their pets. But, if your pet causes any damages, the owner has to pay for that.
The payments are processed immediately as the order is submitted. If you don’t want to submit the request, you can save it for another time. Once the order is submitted, and the payment has been made, you can only refund the payment. If you are not sure about any aspect, it is advised that you do not submit your order.
When the letter has been delivered to you, only you will have the original letter. You are free to share the digital copies of your letter with landlords and airlines, even if your original letter gets damaged. But, if you do require a letter with an ink signature, you can contact us for an optional document.
Service animals are trained to perform every day and specific tasks to help people with different disabilities. The disabilities are mostly physical such as visual impairments, frequent seizures, and various diseases. Emotional support animals are companions that help relieve mental and emotional disturbances. They provide a feeling of comfort, love, and reduce loneliness.
The ESA letter is good for 1 year, after which it is recommended that you visit your doctor to get it renewed and updated. The doctor will evaluate your mental health and prescribe accordingly.
Once the doctor has made an official diagnosis and qualified you for an emotional support animal, you can get your letter within 48 to 72 hours if you choose the priority delivery system. The letter would be emailed to you, and a physical copy would be sent by mail.
No, emotional support animals do not require any specific training. All they need to be trained for is the basic training of behaving in public places and around people.
Registered mental health professionals issue the letters that we give out. The letter contains their license number and signature. If you have doubts, you can always check whether the doctor is licensed or not.
Yes, under the Air Carrier Act, you are allowed to keep your ESA with you on planes. However, it is recommended that you check with your airline and their rules. Make sure that your ESA is well-behaved and does not cause trouble for fellow passengers.
We recommend you to do proper research before purchasing your ESA letter. There are many fraudulent companies out there which you need to be aware of. Make sure that the company has licensed doctors that are issuing the letters.

Yes, emotional support animals are covered under the Fair Housing Act. According to which, people who qualify for emotional support animals can keep their ESA with them in “No-Pet” zones and cannot be charged an extra fee.