We are proud of you for considering the importance of mental health and showing interest in an emotional support animal or making your current pet an emotional support animal. With all the prevailing scams online, here are some of the reasons why Pet therapy is your best online option to qualify for an emotional support animal letter.
  1. We only have Licensed Mental Health Professionals

You will have access to trained and licensed health professionals to will not just understand the ESA conditions in your area but also your need for an emotional support animal. The professionals provide their correct contact information from which they can be contacted when in need.
  1. We believe in the power of emotional support animals

We understand how important an ESA can be for an individual suffering from mental and emotional disabilities. So, our mission is based entirely on trying to help the individuals out there who cannot see a therapist but need the help of emotional support animals.
  1. Extensive support throughout the process

We will help you even after you have received your letter. As there is little known about emotional support animals and emotional support animal letters, the airlines, and landlords might be a little trouble. But worry not, we have got you supported all through the way!
  1. 100% law compliance assured

We have made sure that all our services are following Federal Laws. The laws include the Air carrier Access Act and the Federal Fair Housing Act. We make sure that we stay informed about the latest laws and keep our database updated.
  1. Complete customer satisfaction

We ensure complete customer satisfaction, which is very evident from our average of 5-star customer review. Our reviews are not fake and from 100% verified customers.
  1. Helping animal rights groups along the way

A small portion of our profits is donated to an animal rights group to make sure that the animals are safe.
  1. No hidden charges

The pricing plan includes EVERYTHING. The mental health professional fee, the cost of the hardcopy and digital copy, and every other coat along the way have been covered in our fee. We make sure that our services are easy to access by everyone, so our pricing plan has not changed for an extended period of time. So stay assured that every cost will be informed to you upfront!
  1. Our System is 100% Safe

We make sure that all the credit card information is safe and secure. High levels of confidentiality are maintained throughout the process.