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A Few Things To Know:

Q: How can an ESA Letter save money?
  • Once you have an ESA letter, you are not required to pay any additional charges or fee to airlines or landlords. Many airlines and landlords charge large amounts of money to bring along an animal, an ESA letter covers that, and you are not required to pay anything extra.
Q: How do you know that your letter is genuine?
  • The letter which is issued by a licensed doctor contains the registration number and other credentials of the doctor. The letter also contains the reason behind your qualification for an emotional support animal and will deny qualification if they don’t find your case legitimate.
Q: When shall I get my letter after paying?
  • Once you fill the assessment form completely, our licensed therapist starts working on your case. If you choose the priority delivery method, your case gets prioritized, and you shall receive the letter in 72 hours of applying.