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Pets as emotional support animals are considered a real lifesaver, and we will tell you how to get them legally registered as one quickly and efficiently!

Here’s why your pet can be your Emotional Support Animal

The primary purpose of an emotional support animal is to give individuals suffering from mental health issues, the feeling of companionship. They bring about stability in the life of an individual that suffers from stress and anxiety.

ESA’s provide high levels of support and unconditional love while being completely non-judgmental towards the problems faced by the person.

One important thing that needs to be understood here is that your pet can be declared as an emotional support animal. Still, your emotional support animal is not your regular pet. ESA’s are legalized and have to be filled into the federal system.

So, to be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with an emotional support animal and all the legal rights you get after an ESA, you need to make sure that your emotional support animal is registered.

The Rights of an Emotional Support Animal

The emotional support animal rights are divided into two broader categories. One for the traveling and the other for the housing.

It is the right of an emotional support animal to travel without a carrier with the individual. Other than that, when the emotional support animal is registered, the person does not have to pay any extra fee for traveling with the ESA.

In case of housing, even in rental units that have a no-pet policy, a registered emotional support animal can be with the individual with no trouble.

The Debate Associated with Emotional Support Animals

With the privileges that are given to emotional support animals and their owners, debates are going around, especially by air travel companies.

But, even today, ESA’s and their owners still have greater legal rights that are above the normal pet rights. And these rights have an excellent value for people who rely heavily on emotional support animals for their emotional stability and well-being.

Registering an Emotional Support Animal

As of right now, there is no official registration system for ESA’s. But there are many online emotional support animal services that can help you in the process of getting your ESA registered. What you need is a letter from a licensed mental health professional. The letter should be:
  1. Legitimate: a registered mental health professional should issue the letter on an official letterhead paper.
  2. Include the following: the registration number of the professional, their signature, and the date of issuance of the letter.
  3. Explanation: the letter should clearly state as to why the individual needs an emotional support animal and what are their symptoms.
Once you have the registration letter, make sure to keep it with you at all times as you will be asked to provide it, especially during air travel and renting houses. It is also better if you purchase a vest for your ESA that states that it is an ESA for your ease, but it is not compulsory.

More About Registering an Emotional Support Animal



A declared emotional support animal has a lot of rights and benefits associated with them. So it is better, if you qualify for an ESA, to get your pet registered as one.



Getting your emotional support animal registered is an easy and efficient process. There are numerous online portals that can help you get your pet registered.



The registration letter makes it easier for you to travel with your ESA and to rent houses.
The letter helps you get through no-pet zones easily with no trouble.



Emotional support animals are considered an effective way to improve quality of life of people dealing with emotional traumas and mental health issues.

Pettherapist Makes the Registration Process Easier

We, here at Pettherapist, understand your need for an emotional support animal, which is why we are here to help. We help you connect to a licensed mental health professional and get the qualifying letter.

Just fill in the qualification forms available at our website and let our trained staff handle the rest for you!

Get you Emotional Support Animal Registered Today

An easy 4-step process to get your pet registered as an emotional support animal today! Enjoy all the rights that come with the letter of a registered emotional support animal.